The In-Between…

Coins in the cushions? No. The sound after inhalation but before exhalation? No. Buttercream in the cake? Hopefully there’s a lot but that’s still not it! What, exactly, is the in-between? Our lives are made up of experiences and memories, both good and bad. Births, marriages, vacations… End of friendships, dissolution of marriages, deaths of loved ones… The in-betweens are the moments we tuck away but, unfortunately, do not give as much credence to as the major milestones. The toddler ignoring the parent’s warning about NOT jumping on the sofa. A slip and fall and five stitches later, home asleep in bed. The younger sibling, who shared the bedroom, chattering the night away! The Mother preparing the meal for a family holiday that ended too quickly. The yeasty smell of the house when the Father baked bread. The teenager in charge of cooking family dinner for the first time but totally destroys the meal! The first kiss marred by the younger sibling singing, “Dick and Jane, sitting in the tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…” The puppy’s choice of his/her human and always sitting in this individual’s lap! The sight of the rainbow spanning the river. A bitterly cold winter when ice formed and cracked on the same river. The cracking sounded like a gunshot! The wedding announcement in the local paper for the former best friend. The first night the fiancé slept over only to cuddle. The night before the wedding, sitting on the floor of the pantry closet, talking to the Mother who related her jitters before her wedding. Several years later holding the Mother’s hand twenty-four hours before she passed away in the hospital she was born at. These are all in-between moments that comprise our lives and form our personalities. Life isn’t simply a series of peaks and lows; subtler periods burnish our personae. All together these instances create US!


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