July 4th…

If you were to ask most children what their favorite holiday is, I do believe the response would be fairly universal – Christmas or Hanukkah! Who can resist a present?!? The Sister and I, being the odd ducks that we were, eagerly looked forward to the Fourth of July. Why, you may ask? Because every year pre-school/elementary school friends of ours, siblings who had moved out of the area, would return for part of the Summer to visit their grandmother! Our Summer vacation truly started when they arrived and it usually coincided with their reappearance at the Fourth of July parade! We were glued to each other that day…starting with the parade, to the fairgrounds and, if we were lucky that year, the fireworks display! With the music from the calliope fading in our ears, we would race to the park for hamburgers and hotdogs, popcorn and cotton candy. We pocketed enough coins for the rides or games of chance. If it was sweltering, we would stop in the VFW where their Mom would treat us to an ice cold soda. Once we cooled down, we would head back out into the heat! We had a grand time enjoying each other’s company. The fun times, unfortunately, did not last. A year came along where the Sister and I waited on the corner for them in vain. We were growing up and never shared another holiday together. The parade has dulled, the VFW has closed and the fair is a mere spark of what it once was. Fireworks are OTB – they frighten our dogs! We are left with good memories…the nostalgia of a simple time…and a wistfulness to turn back the clock albeit briefly…


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