Many, many moons ago the powers that be up above decreed, “Adam, you and your children and your children’s children will domesticate animals. Some will be beasts of burden but others will be snuggle buddies.” He (sorry guys but these powers must be masculine because they didn’t think everything through similar to the way men currently throw away instructions and proceed to assemble an item blindly) opted not to provide voices for the furry children! If they are feeling under the weather, the only way the pet parents know is by their ACTIONS! They have diarrhea, vomit, are lethargic, etc. Between yesterday and today, one of the Sister’s fur babies stopped eating and, even worse, has been unable to walk! All she could do was look at me with HUGE brown eyes and snuffle. The Sister is on a business trip and, with great difficulty, barely reachable. I ran the Floof to the regular vet who referred the pup to a neurologist. At the present moment, the only conclusive issue the doctor has discovered is that she is severely HYPOGLYCEMIC! Not everything meets the eye! I thought she had a stroke! She’s being admitted and the Hubby and I have commenced praying! She’s a tough little rescue puppy! She’s strong and we won’t allow anything bad to happen to her!


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