Thirty-Five Years…

Thirty-five years ago today the weather was miserable. It wasn’t a named winter storm but it was POURING! I believe G-d sent the rain that day to mix with our tears. Our rock…our knight in shining armor…our Grandfather passed away just after morning rounds at the hospital. These years have flown by but they have also crawled at a snails pace. I can’t seem to remember the timber of his voice but I do recall his scent – a mixture of A.H. Riise Bay Rum and sterilizing solutions in a medical office. It may sound unappealing but, to me, it is heaven on earth. I wish I could bottle it and uncork the stopper when I need a pick-me-up. I remember the warmth of his blue eyes. They would sparkle when our Mother or the Sister or yours truly entered the room but they would positively glow when our Grandmother was in the vicinity. Sometimes I feel he never really passed but slipped into the next room. I have his hands. They are tiny and slightly pudgy but he passed them down to our Mother and to me! The Sister has his aptitude for math! Unlike me, she NEVER requires a calculator! He taught her shortcuts that I couldn’t grasp and she utilizes them to this day! Our Grandfather was also an animal magnet! No, not a ladies man…he was true-blue and devoted to our Grandmother. Four-legged, furry animals, especially dogs, were drawn to him! Dogs would wiggle, dance and run just to get his attention! This trait he handed down to our Mother and the Sister! The Hubby entered my life eleven years after our Grandfather took his bow but, somehow, he touched him as well! They read the same! Both men remove their glasses and nibble on the tip of the temple piece while licking their index fingers to flip the pages. The first time we went to Shul together, the Hubby wrapped his Tallis around my shoulders, pulled me into his side and continued to point in the prayer book where we were in the Service. I was taken aback! Our Grandfather had done this for both the Sister and me whenever we attended Synagogue with him! He left his calling card at the door and all who come into contact with it are immensely wealthier!


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