Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Hubby and I were unable to have our annual Well (Wo)Man exams in 2017. As soon as our new insurance took effect for 2018, our physicals were scheduled albeit with a new practice and doctor! The practice we had been utilizing for 18 years opted out of our insurance plan after the open enrollment period ended. C’est las vie… We found a new doctor who is very down-to-earth and very thorough! Even though this flu season has been quite virulent, she managed to talk the Hubby into finally accepting the flu vaccine! Thank Heaven! At least three people he works with came down with this virus. He has felt tired and achy but NOTHING other than that! She also insisted that his PSA levels be tested. NORMAL! If only he would listen to her about his diet… From the moment we became “women,” our Mother always made sure the Sister and I had our annual Well Woman exams. Such a shame she didn’t heed her own advice after menopause… This may be TMI but my Pap Test and Mammogram were NEGATIVE! The poor “ladies” were bruised and tender after the annual smush but I can breathe easily until next year! Why, you may ask, am I sharing this information? Most insurance plans offer a co-payless annual exam for the “customers” in addition to an annual Well Woman exam. Take advantage of these and nip any issues in the bud! Women, even if you have gone through menopause, you still need to have an internal exam! Our Mother didn’t and she passed away almost twelve years ago from cervical cancer. Men, a yearly prostate test is a must! Also, most of you may believe breast cancer is relegated to the female portion of the population. It is not! Men, perform your own breast exams! Check those pecs! If you’re not sure what to do, have your spouse/significant other cop a feel. Who knows? In addition to caring for your health, this could lead to foreplay… or more!


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