Why is it that some people are born with a sense of direction and others will always require a GPS in order to navigate their own home town let alone the neighboring communities?!? Our Mom NEVER lost her way when walking or driving! She rarely remembered street names but her internal compass was SPOT ON and she was able to draw maps that were so accurate she would have given Rand-McNally a run for the money if she managed to include street names and not just landmarks! Our Dad, on the other hand, ALWAYS relied upon a street map! When gas stations used to supply those awkwardly folded “picture books” he collected them as though they were going out of style! He would sit in the car with a small flashlight and determine where he was even though the Queen of the Internal Compass was sitting to his right with a smile as enigmatic as the Mona Lisa’s on her face. When he finally decided to simply drive without truly knowing the direction, Mom would chime in and start directing. Together, they rarely lost their way! The Sister is an interesting combination of the two. She requires a drive to her destination beforehand and, even though she doesn’t know street names and has a split-second memory, she will never forget the route! Me? I was born with Mom’s sense of direction! It failed me once on an ocean liner that was over 1000 feet long! I didn’t realize the carpeting changed colors between the bow and the stern! What about the Hubby? Total lost cause! He knows his way to the local airports and, as strange as this sounds, cemeteries but he manages to get lost pulling out of the driveway! His GPS is his BFF when driving as he does not know how to read a map! Last week, he decided to meander around one of the local malls on his day off. He managed to lose his way WITHIN the mall! My phone rang and there he was, describing his dilemma! I asked him where he parked and what store he was near in the mall. I was verbally able to direct him to the proper exit in order to find his car. What about you, dear readers? How is your sense of direction? Does a loved one need to gift you with your very own compass? Is this trait endearing or frustrating?


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