I realize this is TMI but yesterday I ventured over to one of the local health facilities for part of my annual Well Woman exam. While I was attempting to relax in the waiting room along with three other women, I overheard “The View” droning in the background. Whoopi Goldberg was commenting on Amy Schumer’s recent wedding and incredulously mentioned that the couple had only been together for four months. One of the women pointed to the screen and asked me my opinion. Conversation was just what I needed! Nerves were seeping in and this was taking my mind off the exam! I told her how my Grandparents married after meeting six months previously and were together for fifty years! Whoopi said something else I didn’t hear because at that moment my conversation counterpart yelled at the television, “Whoopi, you need a can of whoop ass!” I looked at her and she winked at me! Laughter is wonderfully cathartic! She proceeded to relate how she was shopping one day with her friend and spied a young man out the store window. She nudged her friend and announced, “I’m going to marry that guy one day!” Her friend informed her that they never met…they didn’t know each other! “I know but we WILL marry each other.” She didn’t explain how their paths eventually crossed but they did marry within the year and remained each other’s partner for over sixty years until he passed away. “And, when he died, I finally got my own checking account!” With that, she winked one more time and meandered off for her exam! What a lovely woman! I hope our paths cross again one day!


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