In Love with Love…

On the eve of the holiday that celebrates hearts and flowers and sweets, I have a question. Who is in love with their significant other or in love with the illusion? Does the partner make the heart go pitter-pat or is the thought that the individual is only complete with a mate? I know several people since high school who have NEVER been without a partner in their lives. I don’t mean the couples who are childhood sweethearts. I specifically mention those who have a je ne sais quoi…those who attract the paramours like bees to honey. These individuals may not be the beautiful people or popular but their pull is magnetic and they have grown to believe, for some strange reason, they are failing if they are on their own! Over the course of two decades, people have asked me why am I with the Hubby? We are opposites. I’m an educated worrier who adores theater and museums. He is a laid back guy from Brooklyn who loves sports and rarely ventured into a museum before we met. As sappy as it sounds, our hearts belong to each other! He makes me laugh…and scream and cry. I make him THINK! He is CRAZY for the opera and enjoys visiting museum exhibits. I have accepted the fact that I will always be a sports widow. A relationship is difficult and requires work every day! But what of the person who is in love with love? Are these people in it for the long haul? For richer or poorer? Or was the bling on the finger and the trophy on the arm the ultimate goal?


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