What exactly is love? One of the definitions provided by Merriam Webster reads thusly:

attraction based on sexual desire; affection and tenderness felt by lovers

Ancient civilizations questioned love. The Aztecs had their goddess Xochiquetzal. Hathor represented this emotion for the ancient Egyptians as did Aphrodite for the Greeks.  The Yoruba worshipped Oshun and likewise the Norse with Freyja. Still, as we near the holiday that embodies all things heart-shaped and sweet…what is love? Is love all-enduring? For some couples, yes. Our grandparents had a great love that lasted over 50 years until our Grandfather passed away. On the day our Grandfather was buried, our Grandmother’s soul remained with him until the day she passed. Was their love the exception? Our parents married young.  The Sister and I have been told they loved each other totally and deeply at the beginning of their union.  Our Mother remained by our Father’s side through financial droughts and severe illness. Once our Father recovered from almost 3 months in the hospital and rehab (and his wife never skipped a day to be with him even if it was for half an hour) he informed the Sister and yours truly, while Mom was in the room, that although he still loved her, he surely didn’t like her. Love is a cruel weapon when wielded in such a manner. Does love diminish with time? Can “butterflies” in the stomach devolve into merely caterpillars? If cruel words are exchanged between a “loving” couple, does an emotional Berlin Wall need to be erected until a détente is reached? Do angry words mean that one half of the couple must punish the other half by reneging on promises? Does letting down the one you love make the other half feel superior and righteous? Do those wonderful, heady feelings diminish with time? When a couple starts out on the road of togetherness, they can’t get enough of each other. Why do the feelings evaporate so that they no long want to “jump each others bones” but merely peck the other on the cheek, roll over and go to sleep? Are we humans meant to stay with one mate for the remainder of our lives or is this something that society has dictated? Please do not look to me for answers. I have none. Talk amongst yourselves.




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