Life is full of joys and sorrows. Even though I have not had the good fortune of carrying a viable pregnancy to term, I know the worst situation that can happen to any parent is losing a child. Today the Sister received a call from one of her co-workers letting her know that one of her children passed away early this morning. We were in the market when the call came through and I could barely hold myself together. This young woman had just turned 18 but had been fighting an auto-immune illness since a young child. She spent basically the last year of her life in the hospital bravely fighting this scourge! She never gave up hope and fought to the very end! Her family never left her side although her baby sister doesn’t quite understand what happened today. Whatever you take away from this, please keep in mind to cherish your family and friends! These individuals are the greatest gifts we give to ourselves! Hug them…hold them…tell them every day that you love them! If someone you care for lives a distance away, drop them a note or, better yet, do something personal in this day of electronic instant gratification, make a phone call and have an actual conversation. Their heart will swell with joy…and so will yours!


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