Fair Weather Friends…

Our Mom, from an early age, instilled upon us the importance of friends. Our door was always open and she never set a curfew upon the phone if someone needed a compassionate ear and a need to vent. She was steadfast and true and passed this down to the Sister and yours truly Over the years, I discovered friendships strongly resemble amusement park rides. Some are sedate like a carousel and last the test of time while others are wild such as a roller coaster which begin and end quickly. A fair weather friend is akin to a flume ride…relatively smooth sailing until that last turn when the ride bottoms out and the cart splashes wildly into the pool at the base. One flume ride ended early last year when friends of our picked up and moved away. We went on day trips with this couple and would meet for dinner at a least once a month. Dinner would last several hours with both our Hubbies running amok, taking over the restaurant and the owners played along! When they moved we received a “Dear John” text. It was nice knowing you. Yesterday I received a phone call out of the blue from someone I had considered a “carousel” until I lost my job. I reached out numerous times for this person’s ear but it was always otherwise engaged. When we did connect, I was informed that I wasn’t the only person in the world going through a tough spot. When her first marriage ended, we made ourselves available to her at all times. When her relationship after her marriage dissolved, once again we were there for her. Recently on social media this individual announced her engagement…it’s the second marriage for both. Radio silence until yesterday. I didn’t take the call as bronchitis still has me in it’s thrall. I thought it odd until I started connecting the dots. I do believe she tried calling to assuage her feelings…the Hubby and I are not being invited to the wedding. If this is true, it is the straw that broke the camel’s back of our “friendship.” Fair weather friends are a dime a dozen. I prefer the peace and serenity of the carousel. I wish this couple a lifetime of health and happiness.


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