I am not sorry to see this year assigned to the history books. There were a few good moments but I am eager to welcome 2018. A group of women accepted me into their fold and I went to work for them, seasonally, in a Ladies store. It was a true learning experience filled with a lot of laughter and hectic times. I am pleased to say they have asked me to remain with them in a part-time capacity! This blog is another highlight. I have received many compliments over the year including several suggestions to monetize my site! If anyone knows how to do so, please let me know! I have researched this idea but have not discovered anything substantial in order to move ahead with this plan. I thank the Sister’s BFF for providing a fresh perspective on life and the displaced Alabamian for her willing ear and much needed advice! To the Uncle I so appreciate the logic, pearls of wisdom via old shaving company advertisements and his love! Much love and appreciation to my oldest friend for our late night/early morning phone calls that calmed me down and helped me to eventually fall asleep! Friends have come and friends have gone this year. To those who have gone by the wayside, I wish you and your families nothing but health and happiness for the future. Please know I am here if you ever wish to reconnect. We can hopefully start fresh. Friendships have, I pray, been rekindled! To the former Jersey Girl now New England resident, let’s keep the channels of communication open! Most of all, my heart to the Sister and the Hubby for their continued love and support! I wouldn’t have made it through the year without the two of you! To everyone else, I wish you a very happy and healthy 2018! May all your dreams and wishes come true!


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