Happy Anniversary…

Today is our Grandparents’ 85th wedding anniversary! No, they are no longer with us to celebrate but I am doing so on their behalf. Maybe I’m an odd duck but I believe, even though the body may have passed, the love and affection remain! The feelings were sent out into the universe and reverberate for time immemorial. I don’t ever recall witnessing a couple who loved each other and were so deeply in love with each other as our Grandparents! The only other couple I know of who share their hearts with each other similarly to our Grandfather and Grandmother are our Aunt and Uncle in Florida! Our Grandparents married after meeting only six months before when he ventured to New Jersey from that strange land known as Brooklyn. He was in search of a town where he could establish his medical practice. He didn’t find it that day but, as he told his parents when he arrived home, “I met the angel I’m going to marry!” Cupid’s arrow did not work immediately on our Grandmother…she referred to her suitor as “that funny-looking little man from Brooklyn!” His magic eventually worked and they were married on December 26, 1932! They celebrated their Golden Anniversary together before he unexpectedly passed away in his driveway after returning home from rounds at the hospital. She existed for another 13 years but did not outlive him. Her heart stopped beating the same day as his. And what I said earlier about love being sent out into the universe and reverberating? Sixty-two years after their wedding, I was set up on a blind date. When I returned home, our Mother asked how it went. At this time I did not know the story of our Grandparents’ initial meeting. I responded, “He’s a funny-looking little man from Brooklyn…but I’m going to marry him!” A little bit of each but their love still flows! The Hubby and I married almost two years later.


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