Peace on Earth…

…good will to men. To quote Ebenezer Scrooge “Bah Humbug!” I have been unemployed since April 2016. Last year at this time, the Hubby and I reached out to several friends asking for financial assistance. One of our friends created a “Go Fund Me” account in my name to help get us over our hurdle. Several friends contributed; others provided sound financial advice and gave ideas as to bringing in money based upon what we currently were not using and could sell. A few months later, the Hubby reinitiated the “Go Fund Me” account when he joined me on the unemployment line. This was early Summer. We have not reached out to anyone since this time. Today, someone we contacted last year wrote a lovely dissertation on social media stating that if an individual is looking for financial assistance, the person in question is irresponsible if they have a mobile device or cable at home. Hmm… Cable provides access to the Internet which enables me to perform job searches and fill out applications on said mobile device. Repeat after me… Close-Minded! Inflexible! I would NEVER wish the circumstances of our lives since last year on anyone; however, as this person has decided to pass judgment, please walk a mile in my shoes! Happy Holidays to all the Grinch wanna-be’s! Green suits you well!


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