No, this doesn’t refer to my fur babies but to myself specifically. Negative…i am not discussing my state of mind! I came down with a bad case of asthmatic bronchitis and when I cough, I sound like a barking seal! So bizarre! Whenever I have a “barking” fit, one of the dogs runs around looking under furniture and blankets for the “other animal” making such a ruckus! In all truth, I’m not so sure his elevator goes to the top floor but the look of utter confusion on his face whenever I cough is hysterical! When I come down with bronchitis like this, I do need to find the humorous side of feeling under the weather. Albuterol gives me the shakes but helps keep the lungs open along with Symbicort. Antibiotics leave me queasy and the cough medicine diminishes my appetite. On top of this, the congestion that preceded this infection has clogged my ears which unnerves me as my hearing is normally top notch! All in all, I accept being a barking sea puppy! I LOVE the ocean and seals are cute…except for their diet. They eat the cute tuxedoed swimming birds, don’t they?!?


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