Standard Time…

I’m not a fan of turning the clocks back an hour in the Fall. I can totally live with the sun rising later as long as it’s still sunny when most people leave work at the end of the day! Last night I was too efficient for my own good! The Sister and I spent a nice, lazy Saturday afternoon enjoying a movie and ice cream! We returned home around 8:00 PM DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. In between walking the dogs and feeding them, I vaguely recollect changing the clocks on the microwave and the stove. I do recall sitting down at the kitchen table at, what I believed to be 7:45 PM, to enjoy a bowl of Avgolemono and babble to the Sister. We spent the evening chatting away. She was the recent victim of an attempted Phishing scam through the App Store on her mobile so she spent a wee bit of time venting until her eyelids began to droop. I was getting very sleepy as well and it was only 9:45 PM according to the microwave clock! The sister glanced at her mobile and let out a screech! It was actually going on 11:00 PM and I was a little preemptive with the time change! Our pillows beckoned! After letting the dogs out, I ventured upstairs to bed. My phone was ringing! It was the Hubby to let me know he was on his way home in 30 minutes! “I thought you were working until Midnight?” I asked him. I heard him stifle a laugh. His response, “Did you change the clocks and forget as you usually do at this time of year?” He knows me so well! Check back with me when we “Spring Forward!” I’ll do something like this again! We really should stay with Daylight Savings Time year-round!


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