Halloween of Yore…

Today is the time of year when children used to go door to door shouting “Trick or Treat for UNICEF!” It is also one of the largest candy consumption days of the year!’ I’m sure any member of the American Dental Association must be gleefully waiting by the phone for the calls to start rolling in tomorrow. In honor of this sweet and spooky festival, let us pay homage to those confections of the past that paved the way for the children of the new millennium. Who remembers Adams Sour Strawberry Fruit Gum, Razzles, Blow Pops, Fruit Stripe Gum and Gold Mine Bubble Gum? We had to keep up-to-date with all the antics of Bazooka Joe! During the time of pure innocence, children tried to emulate the adults by playing with, then chewing, Bubble Gum Cigars and Cigarettes! Haute couture came our way via Ring Pops and Candy Necklaces! The liquid inside Nik-L-Nips was tasty but the wax managed to stick between the teeth! Who loved having Pop Rocks explode in the mouth or the sweet, sandy texture of Pixy Stix on the tongue? There were Jaw Breakers, Candy Buttons, Bottle Caps, Rock Candy and the little sibling of Sweetarts, Tart and Tinies! Don’t forget for sheer stickiness children were introduced to Choo Choo Charlie’s Good & Plenty and his sister Good & Fruity, Broadway Rolls, Jujubes, Turkish Taffy, Sugar Daddy and his children Sugar Babies who had cousins named Chocolate Babies! Astro Pops were created by two rocket scientists who quit their day job. They decided to create a candy based upon the three-stage rocket of the early 1960’s! The Hubby misses his Marathon Bar and I enjoyed a Zero Bar every so often. Luckily the Milky Way Bar has been stable since 1923! I think I’ll just enjoy a naked apple right now and tell everyone I took part in National Caramel Apple Day! To the reading public, indulge but don’t forget to brush and floss!


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