• A robin’s egg
  • The cerulean sky the morning my sister made her debut
  • A newborn’s eyes
  • The dark night sky full of stars
  • The blinking fireflies the summer I went to sleep-away camp
  • The water of the Norwegian fjords
  • The blue crest with the golden crown(s) of the Swedish American Line and Home Lines
  • The azure Caribbean Sea while the hubby and I were on our honeymoon
  • The Blue Grotto in Capri
  • The turquoise houses in Burano
  • The aquamarine waters of the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Dubrovnik
  • The knowledge that friends have made arrangements to get together via social media and I am not included/have been invited as an afterthought
  • Being informed by my long-time employer that my services are no longer required
  • Going on interviews for various positions but not being hired and I am positive it is age-related; however, I cannot verify this
  • The knowledge that I need to sell my sapphire engagement ring to help make ends meet
  • Miscarrying three children
  • Losing Mom

What is blue to you?


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