The world seems to be going to hell in a hand basket!

Why, oh why is the United States of America trying to wipe out parts of its history?  The country is only 241 years old and already it is tearing down statues from the Civil War?  Now, before anyone cries “Foul!” on me, I have a differing view point!  A variation on the glass half full/half empty.  Removing the statue of Robert E. Lee was a mistake because, for this country, it is our reminder of NEVER AGAIN!  NEVER AGAIN will one man feel mighty enough that he can own another in this country!  NEVER AGAIN will the country go to war against itself due to part of the population having less melanin in their bodies than the rest!  Those with less pigment ARE NOT superior to the others!  Every single citizen bleeds red!  Why are certain individuals trying to rewrite our history as the Ancient Egyptians did when they tried to erase the reign of Akhenaten?  Briefly he converted his country to monotheism but when he passed, Egypt reinstated the old gods and eradicated cartouches and statues dedicated to the former Pharaoh. More recently, Germany and Poland have acknowledged past atrocities and sites such as Dachau and Auschwitz have remained relatively untouched.  NEVER AGAIN!

For the United States, we remember the name of Henry Ford as one of the preeminent automobile designers and builders in this country.  He was also a well-known anti-Semite whose articles in The Dearborn Independent were lauded in Nazi Germany.  I wonder, wherever his spirit resides, is he aware that automobiles such as the ones he created are now being used as weapons of execution?  Car bombs in Oklahoma City…  Running pedestrians down and murdering them in Nice, London and now Barcelona…  Is he rolling in his grave or jumping with glee?

My mother and my grandmother always instilled in my sister and me to “never carry hatred in our hearts.”  My mother was only 3 years old when World War II broke out in Europe.  She grew up during the time of the German American Bund.  The family of one of her classmates belonged to the Bund and this child would come to school espousing the organization’s doctrines.  He told my mother that Germany was correct in liquidating the Jewish population!  My mother, normally very quiet and reserved as her father was the town’s physician, picked up the largest book that she laid eyes on – surprisingly, a history of the United States of America – and knocked this individual to the ground for history’s sake!  My grandfather was called to school instead of my grandmother and informed of the situation.  Mom’s teacher was surprised by her outburst but stood 100% in her corner!  My grandfather was shocked but proud.  His daughter stood her ground and, even though she resorted to a physical response, she didn’t consider his standing in town but the situation in Europe and how narrow-minded people were reacting to the Jewish population in the United States.  He asked Mom why she did it and her response was simple and direct, “He holds hatred in his heart.”  The current administration, with all its logic and knowledge, would say that both sides were in the wrong.  Luckily for this country, FDR was in office then.  If not, we might have wound up with a leader such as an American Oswald Mosely!

I wish I could say “Never Again…”  Not to sound defeatist but the hatred and deaths will continue until strong leadership takes the reins.


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