Friendship takes many forms.  In the past there was the Rat Pack and later the Brat Pack.  On television there were the “Friends” who gathered at Central Perk.  Recently, the silver screen presented the audience with the escapades of Harry, Ron and Hermione.  In reality, an individual is considered very lucky to have and maintain long-term friendships whether it is with one specific person or a group.  I am fortunate.  I have a trio of women I consider my friends and sisters!  The first I met many moons ago in nursery school when we had barely passed through toddler-hood!  She had a head of hair consisting of beautiful curls (now straightened) whereas mine was baby fine and stick-straight!  We gravitated toward each other and have been a part of each others lives since then.  We lift each other up when we’re down, call to laugh and run to the other when we scream “HELP!”  A few lunar cycles passed and I met the other two ladies.  Our sorority brought us together as friends.  One is a displaced Southerner who moved with her family as a child to New England and the other is a native New Englander and is my little Sorority sister.  The Southerner is blunt.  She aims right at the bullseye and speaks from the head and the heart!  My little and I had a similar upbringing.  Conversation has always been easy between the two of us.  We don’t all share similar likes.  My oldest friend and I share similar political views as opposed to my two sorority sisters.  The Southerner and I have similar religious values.  My little and I agree upon family and familial relationships.  The traits they have in common are giving great hugs, being phenomenal listeners and providing much-needed advice!  I can go on and extol upon their virtues but they have seen inside my heart.  These are my friends…my sisters!  I love them from here to the moon and back!


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