Go Fund Me…

This week will make 15 months that I have been unemployed.  I have reached out to potential permanent employers, contract positions as well as temporary assignments and store positions without a bite.  I have had my ups and downs and during this time I have been supported by my sister and husband as well as a trio of friends I have known and loved forever.  One of these friends a few months ago set up a Go Fund Me account on my behalf to save my Mother’s belongings that were in storage.  She succeeded and I will forever be in her debt!  My husband was let go from his job early in June.  His employer was slow to pay him what was owed for a final paycheck plus vacation pay and unemployment would not kick in for a while.  My husband created a Go Fund Me account to assist with monthly bills – car payments, insurance, cell phones, etc.  The money was not used for anything luxurious – no evenings out, fancy dinners, theater, travel…  It was totally dedicated to our monthly bills.  The reason for this post?  I found a reference on FaceBook today which was quite denigrating to individuals who have set up Go Fund Me accounts.  The insinuation was that we need to work and, if necessary, more than one job.  Yes, if possible we would hold down more than one job IF WE COULD EVEN FIND A COMPANY WILLING TO OFFER US EMPLOYMENT!  My husband is fortunate and will be starting a new position next week.  I have spent this week reaching out to recruiters and companies that I have applied to without any results.  On behalf of my husband and myself, I do thank the individuals who have assisted us.  For those who are “pointing fingers,” please tuck your soapbox away and speak to the two of us directly.


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