Some days are good; some days not so good.  I am making my sister physically ill.  This lady has been my absolute ROCK since I was laid off last year.  She has sent out my resume for me when my computer has acted up…performed job searches…ferreted out names and contact information for recruiters…  I can’t thank her enough!  So far all her efforts and mine have been for naught.  I have had NO NIBBLES over the course of the past 15 months!  Last week her stomach started acting up.  We are both prone to nervous stomachs but she had a severe ulcer shortly after graduating from college.  With a great deal of perseverance, the stomach healed and she was pain-free until recently.  All weekend long, she has looked pale and was barely picking at her meals.  In my heart, I knew she was worrying over my lack of employment and household bills but she remained quiet until an hour ago.  Her words poured out of her like water over a cataract.  They tumbled and boiled.  The intention was not to wound but to make me realize that my lack of employment is affecting those who love me.  Yes, I am frightened of rejection!  I spent 16 years with the former employer and it was all for NOTHING!  I question every resume I send out, wondering if I’m up to the task.  I know that whoever hires me will be quite fortunate as I am erudite and loyal.  I perform my job superbly!  I just wish companies could see beyond the paper; read between the lines.  How do I compete with a Millennial as most employers seem gung-ho to hire these chippies?  I don’t know but I do realize I need to in order to keep my sister happy and healthy!


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