The initials may not be familiar to you but, unfortunately, I have been living with this for over 20 years.  RLS is Restless Leg Syndrome.  Some doctors believe there is a genetic predisposition for this; however, I am the only one in my immediate family that suffers from it.  RLS is not fun but it is not life-threatening.  What does it feel like?  As though my legs have a mind of their own.  My lower limbs start feeling “antsy” in the evening.  It feels as though my legs want to take off and walk or run while I am trying to rest.  I am exhausted but I am up for a good portion of the night, walking through the house, hoping the feelings will dissipate or I attempt to rest with a heating pad alternating between the limbs depending upon which one is giving me the most grief.  I wind up sleeping later into the morning as the “twitches” ease up.  For the remainder of the day, my extremities feel like lead.  Not much can be done to alleviate the symptoms.  There are some drugs on the market that help with RLS; however, one of the side effects is potential liver damage according to my doctor.  I can live without a drug in my life for my legs.  There are other mitigating factors – anemia (which I have had since I was a teenager), low magnesium and zinc levels.  I do supplement with these items but this week has been ROUGH!  Most nights I have not fallen asleep until between 3 and 4 AM!  Last night was between 5 and 6 AM!  If you also happen to suffer from RLS, I found a lot of great information through a FaceBook group Restless Leg Syndrome RLS (Willis-Eckbom Disease) and the Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation or rls.org.  There is no cure but I am putting one foot in front of the other and am moving on!


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