Last week I was given the name and contact information of a recruiter from a friend.  My spirits lifted as I reached out to this individual.  This organization had an open position with a client that was right up my alley.  Before the client would meet with me, I had to complete an applicant survey that included a PDF version of my resume, a questionnaire to test my mettle in the position and a spreadsheet detailing how I would book a multi-stop business trip for one of the executives.  I put a great deal of effort into this survey, had an extra set of eyes proofread everything and said a prayer over the laptop before I sent everything off to the headhunter.  The next day I spent an hour on the phone with one of the partners…not the one I had originally been in touch with…at the recruitment firm going over my background.  I didn’t exactly have the warm fuzzies when the call ended; however, I still had hope.  Today all I feel is disappointment as I was informed the client has decided to go in a different direction.  I have been unemployed for almost 15 months!  When am I going to catch my lucky break?!?


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