Well Rounded…

Now, now, now!  I’m not referring to my shape although I am down about 20 pounds since last year at this time!  I am well-read, enjoy a good opera or visit to a museum, am not averse to learning about different faiths.  I would even say I am fairly well-travelled although I still haven’t visited any areas across the Pacific Ocean!  I am not well-rounded linguistically which is a hindrance nowadays to finding a new position.    While performing my daily employment search over the past year, I have stumbled across numerous bi-lingual positions.  I wish I had practiced the Spanish I learned in elementary and high school; however, this hasn’t been the most requested language I have seen.  French is another but I only took one semester in college and confused this tremendously with Spanish!  When we visited France, I always relied upon my sister to communicate for the two of us EXCEPT in a restaurant!  She is devious and playful enough to pull a fast one on me!  I wouldn’t be surprised if a plateful of escargot was delivered for my gustatory delight – NOT!  French also is not one of the most asked-for languages.  I have seen requests for German-speaking applicants.  Too bad when my family emigrated to this country they decided the only language they would speak is English.  If not, my sister and I would be well versed in German and Hungarian!  There have been Portuguese, Korean and Japanese positions advertised on the different sites but the two languages I have seen the most have been Mandarin and Cantonese!  Once I find a position and have an income, I am going to invest in Rosetta Stone!


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