High Hopes…

FullSizeRenderWhen I was laid off from my long-time position, I was absolutely crushed.  I was worried that my age (not that I am ancient) would hinder me from finding new employment.  I remembered what my Mother always imparted to my sister and me…always keep hope in your heart.  I have been holding onto hope but there are times when this is SO DIFFICULT.  This has been especially so since the hubby lost his job.  He has been going on interview after interview but has been absolutely glum which impacts upon my mood as well.  Yesterday, I had a telephone interview with a headhunter.  I started the conversation feeling on top of the world but by the end I couldn’t read the direction the call had taken.  I felt very low and when the hubby came home, my feelings plummeted even more.  He had been on a promising third-round interview; however, he exuded nothing but doom and gloom.  My sister took one look at my face and knew what I was feeling.  She is NOT a tactile individual – she doesn’t really enjoy light touches or hugs.  She took my hand and roughly paraphrased Kathryn Stockett, “You is good.  You is smart.  You is important.”  I love my sister to bits!


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