Nasty Neighbors…

FullSizeRender copyIMG_8184The neighborhood we live in at one point was very friendly.  Everyone used to keep their doors open and would yell “Knock! Knock!” whenever entering someone’s home.  Times have changed, neighbors have moved.  We still have some very nice people we chat with but there are a couple of individuals who have made their opinions well known how they feel about us!  We have pets or should I say they have us wrapped around their paws!  If they bark, one neighbor yells at them through the window to “Shut Up!”  This happens when the dogs are in the house – not when outside as we are with them.  The other neighbor makes derogatory comments about us if our dogs are outside and “communing” with the furry neighbors on the adjoining properties.  One has alluded to the fact that pets are not children and we should be on medication if we consider ourselves “Pet Parents.”  The most recent insult is a note we received in the mail simply addressed to “Homeowner.”  The envelope contained a printout of the zoning rules for our town regarding upkeep of the property and a poorly written note stating we do not have any pride in our home or land.  Mind you, this was mailed in an envelope with a window for a monthly invoice as the back was printed with a memo reminding the recipient to include their payment.  As I have mentioned several times, I have been unemployed since last year and my husband was laid off recently.  During the winter, a very large branch from our neighbor’s maple tree crashed into our backyard.  Not the front where it would be an eyesore for the neighborhood but the BACKYARD!  Due to financial reasons, we have been unable as of yet to remove this branch.  This note referred to the fallen limb.  Only one neighbor can see this quite clearly, the other has an obstructed view.  Our other neighbors all have fences that prevent them from looking into the backyard. We realize who sent the nastygram and would gladly welcome any financial assistance removing the limb if it is truly a hindrance to the neighborhood. Walk in our shoes for a while…pay our bills…see if you have enough left in your wallet to have someone come in and cart the branch away.  Enough with the venting…  Here’s to a brand new day!


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