Emergencies still happen even when you don’t have a job!  Our house does not have central air and, we have been informed, due to its age, we will need to stick to wall/window air conditioning units.  Last summer one of the units gave up the ghost after 20+ years of loyal, cooling service!  Today the hubby and I bit the bullet and purchased a new window unit for the small bedroom on the second floor.  The hubby, who in a prior life believed that he was Hercules, decided to carry the newly purchased A/C upstairs resting on his shoulder and only holding it with one hand!  Lo and behold, he lost his ‘grip’ on the item and it tumbled backwards down the steps…and hit me in the face and wrist!  I AM FINE!  I have a big bump on my chin and a bruise on my wrist but thankfully no other injuries!  I have learned my lesson!  I should feed the hubby plenty of spinach but remind him after eating he is NOT Popeye the Sailor Man!  The heaviest item he can handle up or down the stairs is laundry!


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