I know!  It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted anything! Just to update everyone…there is no update!  I still haven’t found a job and my unemployment benefits have run out. I’m not dwelling on my employment status at this moment.  Do any of you dream?  If you do, do you remember your dreams?  I do and I try to keep a dream log.  I don’t always remember to write everything down but I do share with the hubby and the sister.  Starting early in 2016, I was dreaming about erupting volcanoes!  I was mesmerized by their beauty but also frightened at the damage they could wreak in the eruption area.  An eruption brings an end to whatever lies in the path of the lava and pyroclastic flows; however, it is also a harbinger of new life!  These dreams lasted until the day I was let go by the previous employer.  Erupting volcanoes are symbolic of emotional upheavals….  Well, how about that!  Just a few weeks ago, the volcano dreams started again.  What now?!?  I found out yesterday…the hubby was laid off!  Two of us unemployed under one roof…  I don’t walk through life wearing rose-colored glasses but somewhere inside of me I KNOW our situation will improve!  My mother said there is ALWAYS hope in this world!  She truly believed when life threw you lemons, make lemon meringue pie!  I’m one of Mom’s daughters…it’s time to warm up the oven!


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