Loyalty and Trust

Last Friday we were expecting our second severance check…it was not received.  One of my terminated co-workers reached out to me asking if I had plans to speak to Human Resources for a status update as this person had no intention of speaking to anyone at the former employer ever again.  It was a matter of trust which had been irrevocably broken.  Me, being the loud mouth that I am, became our little group’s spokesperson and sent an e-mail to HR.  The HR director asked me if I was sure I was entitled to another check as she believed I was paid in one lump sum.  How can that be when we were informed we would be paid bi-weekly plus I do believe I know how to balance my check book?!?  Today I received a response from one of her underlings who asked me to please work with her in order to assure a smooth transition.  Amazing!  I gave this company 16 years of absolute loyalty!  I had placed my trust and faith in my former director and the HR department only to discover that it was not warranted.  A company such as this does not deserve unwavering loyalty.  We were just cogs in a machine and when the parts wear out, they are replaced.  Does anyone truly believe I will placidly work with them in the near future?  If you do, I have a wonderful bridge to sell you in Brooklyn!


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