This past Saturday I decided to give the computer a rest and take myself out for the afternoon.  I was absolutely craving ramen! I found a restaurant several towns over and was eager to give it a try.  About 15 minutes after I was seated at a communal table, I noticed a couple walk in the door.  The woman took a look around the restaurant and her eyes settled on yours truly.  She immediately looked away and traded places with her companion so that her back was now to the dining room proper.  Honey, you damn well know I spotted you and I realize you saw me.  We knew each other from the previous employer and, not only that, she is the sister/cousin to the departmental snitch in my former department! She ignored me as she was escorted to her table; however, I did smile and say “Hello.” I do not believe she is deaf but the tilt of her nose will discern the change in weather better than the average individual.


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