It’s the little things…

I haven’t called anyone with a grand announcement, “Guess what! I’m unemployed!” I posted a brief paragraph on Monday on FB and the responses I have received remind me that I truly do have some wonderful friends! From comments such as “You’re going to be fine” to “When one door closes…” and “This is a fresh start” to e-mails that include actual job searches run on my behalf! Tuesday night one friend sent me a text informing me she left a little “Tea and Sympathy” on my back door. I discovered a bag with de-caffeinated tea bags and cookies! My sister gave me a lovely box of chocolates! Out of the blue, today I received in the mail an amethyst crystal! If you believe in crystal healing, amethyst helps strengthen the imagination and intuition, refines the thinking processes and is a talisman of focus and success! There is hope!


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