There Are Signs…

My sister and I attended an Earth Day festival this afternoon. Later, we meandered around town and stopped into the local Alex & Ani store where we found a bowl of runes. Curiosity got the best of me and I pulled out 3 from the bowl! Protection…Strength…New Beginnings…  I think the universe just might be looking out for my well-being!


Lonely or Alone

Tomorrow ends my second week of unemployment and I must say I have been lonely! In the past I have enjoyed “Me Time.” I have gone out to restaurants, movies, the theater…even walks around the city on the other side of the river on my own. Being lonely is another story! My sister and my husband check up on me fairly regularly during the day but there are no other people in the vicinity to interact with. The sound of a television or radio doesn’t cut the mustard. Yes, a person can be lonely in a crowd and even within their own relationships but loneliness due to unemployment is difficult. I truly believe we humans are pack animals and, with the exception of the oddball hermit, we thrive within groups. This is my soapbox philosophy for the day.


What is concentration?  Something I am not capable of today.  My mother was diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago today.  My mind is on this amazing woman and how she would guide me if she was still here.  Complacent I’m not; however, I keep envisioning myself in the surgical waiting room with my father when the oncologist approached to inform us of Mom’s situation.  She almost didn’t wake up from the anesthesia.  In hindsight, this would have been a G-dsend.

Primal Scream

Where do I begin?  With my former HR department that doesn’t respond to e-mails unless you reach out to the director?  The Health Insurance Marketplace that flags my former employer with an incorrect tax ID number but is actually accurate?  The company that I am trying to apply to but the site will not accept the PDF or document version of my resume?  Needless to say, my kitchen is now clean and my grilled Italian-seasoned lemon sole was delicious!

Two Steps Forward…

My resume updates are almost complete and I have created an account on LinkedIn!  Yesterday, my sister took me shopping for interview clothes at the outlets.  I walked out with two lovely dresses and one shirt I could not refuse – it’s pink!  I love pink!  I also received the COBRA information for my benefits.  What person in their right mind believes an individual who is unemployed can afford medical insurance for themselves and their spouse at over $1K/month?!?  I can’t wrap my brain around this!  I pray nothing happens to the hubby or me beginning May 1st but we can’t afford medical insurance.